Parlé Virtual Focus Groups (VFGs)

Virtual Focus Groups (VFGs) can tell you why your agents are leaving . . .

. . . and AnswerOn can help you figure out what to do about it!

What our VFGs are:

  • A tightly coupled tool that can work in conjunction with AnswerOn predictive modeling or without it to identify problem areas that are universal to your call center
  • A safe, anonymous space for your agents to share their thoughts
  • A way to probe deeper into relationships between agents and managers


What our VFGs are not:


A survey.

We have moderators on during the VFG to follow-up in real time.

High planning effort for you.

AnswerOn's predictive model generates a list of high-risk agents, or you can provide your own list of agents you want to participate and choose a time for them to do the VFG.

Time consuming and going to keep your agents off the phone.

VFGs can be as long or as short as you want them to be. The typical VFG is five, 15-minute sessions spread across three days.

A forum for unproductive complaining.

Agents are encouraged to provide meaningful feedback and are prompted to share details.


Let us tell you how a VFG can be tailored to your needs

Behind the Scenes

The Project Status Page allows moderators and client executives to see who is responding to what questions in real time and the breakdown of those questions into pie charts for multiple choice questions or into mood ratings for text based questions. This page acts as a quick way of seeing a synopsis of an entire virtual focus group in seconds.





How it works

After receiving data, participants are chosen from a group of agents deemed high-risk by AnswerOn predictive models and asked a series of targeted questions in an anonymous, moderator-led forum. The information received during the VFG provides valuable insight into the experiences and opinions of your agents that is not typically available through surveys and questionnaires. The data collected from the VFGs is always very enlightening and honest – a great way to explore agent’s opinions on topics such as: work environment, site leadership, company policies and procedures, and much more. Parlé VFG's are completely customizable - from the number of agents participating to the number of days and sessions your VFG will encompass to the types of questions you wish to ask.

All we need to get started:
  • Some non-personal data from your call center that could include performance metric data, workforce management data, etc.  (to create a predictive model and highlight at-risk agents to participate in the VFG)
  • Dates for the VFG
  • Questions you wish to include
    • Choose from our extensive pre-written question bank
    • Write specific questions of your own


⇒ VFGs are an opportunity to ask targeted questions to at-risk agents about why they might leave and partner with AnswerOn for prescriptive solutions to keep your agents ⇐

Inside a VFG:

"I really enjoyed the feedback and request for more details on certain answers during the time I was active in the discussion. Showed that there is actually somone paying attention and reviewing our responses."
I liked that the discussion is anonymous, that we're able to open up and give our opinion on our company without worrying that we will be punished for what we stated in the discussion."
"I thought it was great that we were able to not only recognize the positives about our company but, also where we can all improve. It shows that there is always room for improvement not just within yourself, but within the company as well."


Want to see your call center through the eyes of your agents?

Contact us to discuss how our Virtual Focus Groups could be customized to find the details that you need to stop attrition in its tracks. 



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